The Rocca d’Anfo

Rocca d'Anfo is Italy's biggest napoleonic fortress.

Rocca d'Anfo, whose strategic function was already recognized by the Visconti in the XIV century, is a fortified military complex built in the fifteenth century by the Venetian Republic in the town of Anfo on Lake Idro.

The agglomerate, made up of military construction, is distributed in a triangular strip of land. One side is roughly one kilometer of the shore of the lake, the rest is spread on the eastern slope of Mount Censo, almost to its peak, with a diffrence in elevation which varies from 371 m s.l.m. at the side to the 1050m s.l.m. at the summit of the mountain.

Built on the slope of Mount Censo, an area of 50 hectares, the Rocca d'Anfo was renovated and enlarged in different periods by the military engineers of Napoleon Bonaparte, Giuseppe Zanardelli and the Italian Army Corps of Engineers. He lost its strategic value in 1918, when the Trentino finally passed to the Kingdom of Italy.

Used by the Italian Army as a barracks for the training of conscripts, the complex was also used as gunpowder and weapons depot. It was decommissioned in 1975, but it remained bound to the Ministry of Defence until 1992.

The site of the Rocca d'Anfo is state-owned, licensed to Lombardy Region for its safety and enhancement. Comunità Montana di Valle Sabbia runs it from 2015 by opening the guided tours in the spring and summer weekends.


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