Rocca Vecchia Battery, Guardhouse and Magazine

The whole lot of these buildings, dated back to the period of the dominion of the Repubblica Serenissima, was distributed on the road and it has never had such a military aspect, but it has always maintained a characteristic of customs control.
Batteria Rocca Vecchia (in the historical document “Old Fortress”) was demolished because of an accidental fire in 1924 and thanks to its morphology, it created a gate toward Tyrol. In some documents, it is readable: Batteria Rocca Vecchia, as it has said, was the first battery coming to Anfo, and it was at about 700M from the village. A large vault corridor crossed the building equipped by lateral imposing iron main doors, which were never locked because the corridor was necessary for the transition in the north Valle Sabbia and the Giudicarie. Outside from the main doors, there were two drawbridges made by iron and without borders, which worked, thanks to strong chains, lifting the pavement until it matched with the main doors. Above these, significant granite shelves adorned the Old Fortress.

CONSTRUCTION PERIOD OR TEMPORARY INTERVAL: 1500-1600, 1805, circa 1870-1890
TYPE OF BUILDING: guardhouse
DIMENSION: 500 square metres
ELEVATION: 400 M sea level