Statuto Battery

At the end of the 18th century, during the renovation period of the defensive equipment by Giuseppe Zanardelli, Batteria Statuto was built in front of the Idro Lake. It occupied the road working as a blockade and having the same characteristics of the Batteria Rocca Vecchia, included the drawbridges on the state highway whom pavements were not lifted to match with the iron main doors, but winches pushed them in some specific recesses protected by iron barriers. These two batteries permitted to protect the low part of the Idro Lake (to the opposite shore) and the road in front of the Fortress from the enemy artillery. Moreover, a short wall with embrasures was built as a connection between the batteries, and that permitted to completely close the defensive area of the Rocca d’Anfo.
During the retreat at the end of April 1945, the German troupes tried to demolish the battery with some explosive charges, but this action succeeded only in part.

CONSTRUCTION PERIOD OR TEMPORARY INTERVAL: 1870-1890. Partially demolished by an explosion conducted by the Germans during the retreat at the end of Aril 1945.
DIMENSION: 346 square metres
ELEVATION: 380 M sea level