Venetian Battery

This building exerts a control position on the Idro Lake and part of the Valley and it dates back to the dominion of the Repubblica della Serenissima. From the Batteria Rocca Vecchia, it was necessary to overtake a certain difference in height with overhanging rocks, passing through a series of small staircases as connecting routes, to reach the second block. The buildings of the high part of the Batteria Venezia were destined to an authentic and concrete defensive function, in addition to the barracks for the accommodation of the troops.
Batteria Venezia was subjected to various reshuffles until the Second World War. In some documents, indeed, it is readable: Batteria Venezia has all the characteristics of the others batteries, it was built using blocks of granite, with wide embrasures and with the façade pointed towards the curved lake. A slender tower, rising from the side of the battery, is the only peculiarity of the Batteria Belvedere. It was built in the years immediately preceding the Second World War, in order to make it appear to the pagans as a bell tower and the whole Fortress as an imposing abbey. Along the wall, that connects the Venetian to the overhead rocks, different false tabernacles (with the same aim) were built. These buildings heavily prove the strong good faith of the architects who, maybe, ignored that the Rocca had already been picked up by countless goals of every nation and, undisturbed, they had over flied it at a low quota.

CONSTRUCTION PERIOD OR TEMPORARY INTERVAL: 1500-1600, 1808, circa 1870-1890
DIMENSION: 120 square metres
ELEVATION: 460 M sea level