Tirolo Battery

This battery, together with the Battery Tyrol and Belvedere, constitutes the defensive line towards Tyrol. These buildings cannot be considered separately from a military point of view, as they have a main role in sighting and, at the same time, in defending the territory.
The Rolando Battery is part of the large French renovation project, which has never actually been completed. In 1814 it consisted of a small casemate and a small battery for the positioning of two cannons designed to defend areas near the fort.
In 1884, after years of neglect, it underwent a major rearrangement together with the entire Rocca and a modernization of the armaments sector thanks to the historical events of the Valsabbino territory.
Inside are the shelters for men, the officers’ quarters, the kitchen, the food warehouses, the reserves, the rooms for loading bullets, the rooms for packing the charges and the latrines.