Venetian Walls

During the period of the Repubblica Serenissima, Rocca d’Anfo, defined by the Venetian senate “door of the state”, was composed by a fortification that developed along the whole slope of the mountain and that carried two main assignments out. Firstly, the low complex exerted the control of the border of the road by means of two drawbridges, while the high part had a defensive function.
Thanks to its origin, this itinerary is defined Mura Venete and still nowadays it develops twisting among the rocks along a line at double wall surface with embrasures that nearly creates a separating corridor with the rest of the mountain slope.

TYPE OF BUILDING: open air connection
DIMENSION: 120 square metres
ELEVATION: from 400m to 460 M Sea level
from 460m to 490 M sea level
from 490m to 545 M sea level